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Scholarship Application

This scholarship is open to student athletes graduating from high school who plan on attending post secondary university, college, or vocational school. This scholarship is awarded by committee selection to a student who exemplifies qualities modeled by Jack Reynolds: scholarship, sportsmanship, integrity, dedication and mentorship.

To apply, please submit the following:

1. A resume’ for grades 9-12, which describes:

         a) Honors you have received (Academic / Athletic)

         b) Co-curricular activities and positions of leadership you have held

        c) Community and school service / volunteer activities

        d) Work Activities (if any)

2. An essay on how School or Athletics has affected you. Essay should, at a minimum, speak to each of Jack’s attributes that you exemplify: scholarship, sportsmanship, integrity, dedication, and mentorship.

3. Attach a letter of recommendation from at least one of the following: Advisor, Principal, Athletic Director, or Head Coach.

4. Sealed High School transcript

5. Completed and signed Scholarship Application - Download PDF