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Who is Jack Reynolds?

Jack Reynolds was a teacher in the Issaquah School District for 36 years. Jack also coached wrestling, officiated wrestling and softball, and was a mentor and friend to many student-athletes. Jack instilled sportsmanship and a positive outlook in all of his students.

Who does The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund benefit?

The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund exclusively benefits the student-athletes and schools of Washington State. The individual awards are a monetary sum used for a post secondary education and selected schools may receive a monetary sum for athletic equipment to help support a healthy balance of sports in their respective school.

Is this Fund a non-profit?

Yes. The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund is non-profit. 100% of all donations or gifts will be used towards growing the Fund and giving back to the student-athletes and schools of Washington State.

Does this Fund follow State and Federal policies for non-profit organizations?

Yes. We follow all necessary laws in being a non-profit. The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund has 501c3 status and all donations and gifts are receipted for tax purposes.

How do you apply or nominate someone for this Scholarship award?

You may log on to our website, go to the Awards Application page and follow the necessary steps in the application process.

How does the Fund raise money?

The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund has a variety of events that will contribute to our already growing Fund. Some events include a High School Wrestling Tournament and silent auction. Our Fund is unique in that we have local corporate sponsorship that supports us all year long.

Who are the members of The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund?

The Fund is comprised of members who are good standing members of the Pacific Northwest Wrestling Officials Association, in which Jack belonged to for many years. The founding members are: Chuck Tompkins and Wayne Lugg.